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Tommy Walker circa 1911-12 It is a simple question which has divided and confused Australian surfing enthusiasts for generations. Until barely a decade ago, many had settled physician home equity loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 on the idea that it was a Sydney swimming coach and lifelong surfer named Isabel Letham, who was a 15-year-old girl when she was plucked from the crowd to ride tandem with Hawaiian legend Duke Kahanamoku in Sydney, early in 1915. In recent years, thanks to the appearance of a previously undiscovered series of photographs at the Australian national surfing museum in Torquay, there is evidence proving that a merchant seaman named Tommy Walker was surfing waves in the Manly area at least six summers earlier than Letham and Duke. Now it is the first item greeting visitors at the national surf museum. When we first opened Isabel Letham was widely recognised as the first Australian surfer, says Craig Baird, the museums curator. You dont have to dig very hard to find a number of Australians documented to have surfed before Isabel. The problem is it has become a much romanticised tale, and people are reluctant to let go of it. It has become quite an emotive subject for many people. Baird stresses that his experience charting the sports early years of development in Australia has taught him one thing above all else: nothing in surfing history is guaranteed, including Walkers status, and especially Lethams. Walker might well be the subject of Australias first surfing photographs, but whether he was actually the first to surf waves in Australia will never be indisputably answered.

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